People of the Book

Southland is committed to the whole of the Bible because the whole Bible makes a whole Christian. This is why we run Bible reading plans for the congregation that take us through the scriptures sequentially. Whether it is a cover to cover: from Genesis to Revelation, or a book: like Romans and the Gospel of John. As children, we need the whole diet of God’s word, not just the parts that we want. This is what helps us grow into healthy maturity.  

The Pastor's sermon will always be from the part of the Bible where everyone is reading.   

Christ on Every Page is taking us through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation with 156 Bible stories over the next three years. Every devotion will focus upon Christ:

“Christ is the sum of the whole Bible, prophesied, typified, prefigured, exhibited, demonstrated, to be found in every leaf, almost in every line, the Scriptures being but as it were the swaddling bands of the child Jesus." Thomas Adams

This is a "first time ever"  event for Southland Christian Church. Now, the whole congregation, from the littlest preschoolers, through the elementary age children, to the teenagers and up to the Adults will be Biblically synchronized: The whole congregation reading the whole Bible.  

And, Pastor Jeff will be preaching from the same Bible story that the smallest children will be taught from on any given Sunday. 

This will enable families to be spiritually connected as never before.  What a source and opportunity for spiritually enriching conversations between parents, children and teens!  Imagine the natural discussions that can happen on the way home from church or at Sunday lunches for parents with initiative.  

The daily reading for adults will also provide a great resource, well into the week, for family devotions or morning shares between a husband and wife.